Sunday, February 7, 2016

SUPER Classroom Idea

There is a SUPER game that involves my Denver Broncos, so I was blessed enough to be a part of this SUPER giveaway with some incredible teachers! One thing we discussed was sharing a SUPER classroom idea. I love reading different blogs from teachers with great ideas that I can take and incorporate in my classroom!

Here is my idea:

A few years ago I switched from desks to tables. Best decision I have ever made. Organization has been so much easier for my second graders! However, the tables were that lovely brown color and some of the browns didn't match, which drove me CRAZY! This what I am talking about:

I really thought about chalkboarding the tables but to be honest, I cannot stand the feeling of chalk. Then I saw on Pinterest (surprise, surprise) a gal that used dry erase paint on a wall. I thought, well if it works on a wall why wouldn't it work on a table? I bought all the necessary equipment (dry erase paint, primer, tray, foam rollers which are a must, and some duct tape all from Lowes). I also recruited my four year old and hubby to help me. :)

 My goal was to be able to have my students write on the tables and be able to see everything they write. They could still write on the brown but at times, it was hard to see. The white color also made things look nice and clean. I love that! I also wanted to take small groups and save on some paper by having them write on the table. We work and clean-up is simple! No more papers galore!

Finished project:

 I love the way these turned out and even though I did this at the beginning of the year, they are still holding up great!! This was a five day process. We primed and painted, then had to wait three days to be able to write on them. Well worth the wait. It has saved me on many paper copies and it's a quick and easy informal assessment tool. I love just having my students write down answers and take a quick assessment of who is getting it and who is not. It has really made my life a bit easier and the kids love writing on the tables!

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Now it's time to go checkout some more SUPER classroom ideas! Follow this link to head on over to the next teacher! 

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

We Love the Broncos Hop

Happy Football Season! What a great time for an awesome blog hop! In honor of my favorite season, I have joined up with some wonderful ladies who happen to love football as much as I do!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a DIE HARD DENVER BRONCOS FAN! So much that we named our son Champ...yup, we are THOSE people. My husband is also a high school football coach. So we eat, breathe, and sleep football. Well, my Broncos play the Patriots and we are so close to the Super Bowl and we are also that much closer to football season being over. 


Because I love football so much, I am always trying to incorporate football in my lessons somehow. Whether it is using it as an example for math or using it as a topic for writing. I have also found that starting a little class rivalry (I have two Cowboys fans and three Raiders fans, Lord help me) has been a fun way to keep them engaged. Using football has been a great way to get buy-in from even the most reluctant student. When my kiddos have buy-in the rest is easy! 

While football season is still going, why not head over to my TPT shop and snag up this fun FREEBIE Football Activity Pack? It has a word search, word scramble, word boxes, and bookmarks. This pack is sure to add some football fun to your class! 

Now it's time for you to hop! Hop on over to my friend Live, Laugh, Love Second and see her great football ideas! 

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Thanks for stopping by! 
Go Broncos! 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Makeover Mania

It's that time again, BACK TO SCHOOL is among us, my friends. I am so happy to be able to link up with the awesome Tara from 4th Grade Frolics

This will be year two with my tables. I absolutely love tables instead of desks. That being said, I hated the look of my tables.

They were classic looking tables and the browns mismatched (which drove me bonkers). I saw on Pinterest a blog about chalkboard paint on tables. When I did a little more research, I found this blog from Sprout Classrooms about DIY: Whiteboard Tables. I thought that I could totally do this to my tables!

First, I went a bought a primer and the Rust-Oleum Dry Erase Paint. I bought both at Lowes. The primer was $8.00 and the Dry Erase Paint was $19.99 a box (I bought two boxes).

I also bought two FOAM rollers. This is a must with the Dry Erase Paint! Next, we started priming. I sweet talked the hubs into helping me. :)

Now, if I could do anything over it would be this: possibly buy white paint. I only bought primer and for sure took a chance with not sanding down the tables. It took six coats of primer to get the coverage that I was happy with. I wondered if I would have primed with a couple coats and then painted them white, would it have even came out better?

On to the Dry Erase Paint. It comes in two cans, Part A and Part B. The box says you have 60 minutes to use it once you have mixed the two. I was pretty nervous about this part and set a timer. I mixed the two and then poured it in the tray. I know it says 60 minutes, but once you get your groove going, I got through three coats on each table (seven tables) within 30 minutes. I used both boxes so I got a total of six coats on each table.

The most torturous part of this process was waiting three days for the tables to be marker ready. Pure Torture!!

While waiting for the paint to be marker ready, I decided to add a little duct tape to the edges to match my animal print theme. 

Hi, my name is Krista and I am a duct tape addict. 

Finally, it was test time. I absolutely LOVED the final look but would it hold up to markers?

*Spoiler Alert: It did!! Woohoo!!!!

So stinking happy with the final result! I cannot wait for my 2nd graders to use their tables!

This was my big makeover, but I did a few mini makeovers, too. 

My storage bins were the classic white bins. I have animal print and neon colors in my room so I picked up some spray paint from Lowes (they should know me by name by now) and went to work. Here's the final result: 
I love them! Such a great pop of color in my room. 

The next thing I tackled was my counter top. My very yellow and outdated counter top...

I tried to cover the cabinets with some black paper and give it a little pizazz. It did great for about three years, but it was time for a whole new look. Once again, I found myself on Pinterest ( I seem to find myself there a lot, ha ha). I saw where someone hot-glued fabric to painters tape to makeover a table. Light-bulb!!

I decided to give it a try on my counter top! The result makes me smile!

The Bubbly Blonde made these amazing subway art posters that were perfect for my area! I'm pretty happy with the final product. :)

Hopefully, I am done making things over for the year... Nah!! Not even close! Ha ha! 

Happy Makeover, friends! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fluency Fun

I am always looking for fun ways to get my kids reading. Especially my struggling readers. I have found a few things that I absolutely love to have them do!

The first up is choral reading.

I have found that choral reading has really helped the confidence of all my readers...even the reluctant ones. They love to partner up and read away with their buddy. For the first time through, I like to pair up my strong readers with my struggling readers. When my struggling readers follow my strong readers lead, they seem to find the confidence they are missing! Choral reading has really helped with my readers taking risks. I love it!!

The next thing I have found are Fluency Pyramids.

Fluency Pyramids provide sight word repetition, help improve fluency, help improve automaticity, and help recognize the difference between a word and a complete sentence. I love, love, love fluency pyramids! We use them as an intervention for RtI (Response to Intervention). The problem is that they are hard to find. So I decided to make my own. I have my struggling readers work on these once a day. I use them in small group work, center work, or even volunteer work. I have a mom that comes in twice a week and she works on these with the kids. However, I don't stop with just my struggling readers. I work these with all of my readers! This is how my setup looks in my room.

*Shout out to Falling into First's Fry Flash Fluency cards. I love using these with my readers, too!*

Each month we set reading goals together. I am a HUGE fan of group work. I meet with my groups daily and we work through our goals that we have set. The goals range from recognizing sight words in context to finding interesting words from our readings. I use fluency pyramids as a warm up for my advanced kiddos and I use them as a speed drill for my benchmark kiddos. My kids ask every single day if they can read "the pyramids." Have I mentioned how much I love these!

I hope this gives you some more ideas/activities to work on for fluency work. If you are interested in some fluency pyramids, go check them out in my TPT store. Above all else, just remember to: