Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Build-up

Valentine's Day was today, but my second graders have been anticipating it all week! The day FINALLY arrived! We decorated our bags, had yummy treats, and watched a fun Valentine's Day movie. We had so much fun! I got a ton of sweet, caring, and some interesting gifts. I also got them bubbles, stamps, and their favorite, mustaches! By the end of the day all of my kiddos were ready for a nap! Needless to say, I think I could have used one, too.

Each year we make a Valentine's Day scrapbook. I just make little books for them and they tape the cards inside. This is a fun little keepsake for them and lets them keep all of their cards in an organized place. Their bags are used for their candy. The kids love putting their cards in their books!

This one showed so much creativity that I had to share: 

Here are some gifts from my 2nd graders. They are so thoughtful! Love it!!

Like I said, they LOVED their mustaches! 

Hope you and your kiddos had a great Valentine's Day! Now to rest, relax, and try to ignore the 5 pounds of chocolate sitting on my dining room table! 

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