Monday, February 10, 2014

Working and Playing Inside

So...for the past two weeks we have had inside recess. Some look upon this as pure torture, but I have found a great website that seems to help keep my kids moving and get some of those wiggles out! We use it all of the time to burn off some energy on cold days. It is all kid appropriate and they love it! Our favorites are "I'm Gonna Catch You" and "Whip My Hair."
Here is the link:  Get Your Dance ON


Another thing we worked on today was our fluency. I love working with groups on specific skills. I use the CAFE a lot for goals with my students. I have five groups that I work with every day. I have found a wonderful resource with fluency! They are from Stephanie Stewart over at Falling Into First. They are her Flash Fluency: Winter Fluency Pack. It comes with flash cards with fluency phrases and it does a great job with sight words. Here are some of my students practicing with the fluency phrase cards.
If you would like to get these awesome fluency phrase cards, go and grab this pack here:


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