Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Fun

Even though it is SNOWING here today, we have had a great time with Mother's Day this week. We setup a photo shoot in our classroom. I had the students write why they love their mom. Some were very sweet and others were very... creative.

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I took their pictures and printed them out (total cost was $6.00). I then went to JoAnne's and purchased adhesive magnet strips (total cost $12.00, after my coupons). I cut their pictures to fit the magnet and trimmed it up a bit. The final product was adorable!

We then had our writing piece that went with it. I found mine off of the May Busy Teacher created by the wonderful Queen of the First Grade Jungle. I am not sure how I ever lived without her packs! Click here for the link.

The final product was fantastic and pretty simple. Have a great Mother's Day!

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