Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back to School Night

My Back to School Night was on Tuesday. I have been teaching for nine years now, and yet I seem to always forget how much prep is involved. I also have the lovely habit of seeing new things and wanting to add my own little twist on it. #teacherproblems

Well, the night went really well. I only had 5 no shows, which meant I had a turnout of 16 kiddos. Awesome! Here is a little insight to my adventures with Back to School Night.

First, I knew that this was a night that my kiddos would be bringing their supplies. It drives me bonkers to just have them try and put it on their table or to leave it on the floor. This year, I came up with the idea to designate certain spots for certain items. I created posters for this.

Doing this helped out tremendously! There was no confusion and no all! You can pick these fun little posters up in my TPT store.
                                     Zebra Print Back to School Night Posters

Next, I made my Back to School Night letter. Of course I had to put it on a zebra background. ;) I found the great idea of the "Meet the Teacher" sheet from One Extra Degree. Such a brilliant idea!

I also had to make "Swag Bags" for my kiddos. I found this wonderful little letter from One Extra Degree. It could not be more perfect! Check it out here. It consisted of an eraser, Smarties, a pencil, Lifesavers, Laffy Taffy, and Starbursts. I added a fun glow stick bracelet and a pencil grip to the bag. The kids loved it! :)

Thank goodness, it went off without a hitch. I met a great group of kiddos and it is going to be a fantastic year!


  1. I'm glad your back to school night went well! We don't have one of these before school starts - but I love the idea!

  2. This was the first year that we did it before school started. It was a crazy night, but it was so nice to get all of their supplies before school started. :)