Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CBM's Part Two

Ok, so yesterday I explained about CBM's and how we use them for data. First, let me explain the grading aspect of them. It's a little confusing at first, but once you get going it gets easier and easier.

After the three minutes are up, have the students bracket their last letter written. Some students want to finish their story and you can let them because now you know where they stopped after the three minutes were up. Once you have collected their papers, now the fun begins. The first thing you do is underline each word that was written up to the bracket. It doesn't matter right now if they have spelled it right or used it correctly. You are just underlining the Total Words Written. To show you, I have used three different colors for each part that you will grade. I underlined all of the words in pink. I then count them up and that is my Total Words Written (TWW). Now you are going to look at spelling and usage. You will now circle every misspelled word, punctuation error, and capitalization error. I did this in purple, this is your Words Spelled Correctly (WSC). The last part is the Correct Writing Sequences (CWS). You will make little carrots between words that have not been circled. I did this in blue. That's it! You have now graded a CBM.

I have been asked on how I use this information for lessons. I really look at each one and make notes for my Writer's Workshop. These are a great insight to see who needs to work on specific things like spelling, capitalization, punctuation, pronoun I, and just the mechanics in general. When it comes to my higher learning kiddos, this is a great way to work on having them write at the higher level by using details and building a bigger vocabulary. I conference with my students weekly on their writing and I love to pull out one or two of these from the week and discuss how they are doing. I love how they will be very honest with you on if they liked the prompt or not. I have to tell you, a good prompt can really get the kids writing! :)

If you're looking for a fun pack, please check out my CBM 3 Minute Writing Prompts Pack! There is even an editable template so that you can create your own prompts. Check it out in my TPT store. Happy writing, my friends!

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