Saturday, November 8, 2014

Everything is Fun when it's Mini

I know there is a big debate on classroom clip charts. I see both sides of the argument. I am not a huge fan of kiddos having to clip down in front of the whole class. I try to avoid embarrassing my students at all costs. I do, however, like that some students clip up and are rewarded in front of the whole class. Up until this week, I used a big clip chart that looked like this:

As with anything, it was starting to get a little old. So I went back to the debate and thought about what I could make. I knew I still wanted a consequence/refocus system but I also wanted to keep the reward aspect of the clip chart. I wanted something that was also, a little more individualized. I wanted something that I could discreetly, have a student clip down to think about it. I could just be walking around the room and quickly and quietly, clip a kiddo up or down without the class knowing. 
 I decided to make each kiddo their own "mini" clip chart. Since it was a "mini" version of the clip chart, I only made four sections for it. This is what I came up with: 

I LOVED the size of these little guys! However, now I needed some mini clothespins! JoAnn's had a big bag for $3.00. SOLD!! They were perfect, except for the fact that they were a tad boring. I needed to fix that ASAP! I bought some Mod Podge ($5) and some Washi Tape ($3) to fix this problem. With a great pair of scissors and a lot of patience (working with mini takes a lot of thought and work! Ha ha!) I created this:

Sooooo much better!! Now it was time to put these little guys into action! I needed to somehow, someway, hang these guys somewhere. Remember, I do not have desks, only tables. I thought about putting it next to their name, but I hate cluttering up their work space. So I bought some Velcro squares and did this:

I love them and the kids love them even more! So I want you to enjoy them, too! They are FREE in my TPT store! Go and have some "mini" sized fun with your class!

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  1. LOVE these mini clip charts! That is so clever. Thanks for posting!