Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fluency Fun

I am always looking for fun ways to get my kids reading. Especially my struggling readers. I have found a few things that I absolutely love to have them do!

The first up is choral reading.

I have found that choral reading has really helped the confidence of all my readers...even the reluctant ones. They love to partner up and read away with their buddy. For the first time through, I like to pair up my strong readers with my struggling readers. When my struggling readers follow my strong readers lead, they seem to find the confidence they are missing! Choral reading has really helped with my readers taking risks. I love it!!

The next thing I have found are Fluency Pyramids.

Fluency Pyramids provide sight word repetition, help improve fluency, help improve automaticity, and help recognize the difference between a word and a complete sentence. I love, love, love fluency pyramids! We use them as an intervention for RtI (Response to Intervention). The problem is that they are hard to find. So I decided to make my own. I have my struggling readers work on these once a day. I use them in small group work, center work, or even volunteer work. I have a mom that comes in twice a week and she works on these with the kids. However, I don't stop with just my struggling readers. I work these with all of my readers! This is how my setup looks in my room.

*Shout out to Falling into First's Fry Flash Fluency cards. I love using these with my readers, too!*

Each month we set reading goals together. I am a HUGE fan of group work. I meet with my groups daily and we work through our goals that we have set. The goals range from recognizing sight words in context to finding interesting words from our readings. I use fluency pyramids as a warm up for my advanced kiddos and I use them as a speed drill for my benchmark kiddos. My kids ask every single day if they can read "the pyramids." Have I mentioned how much I love these!

I hope this gives you some more ideas/activities to work on for fluency work. If you are interested in some fluency pyramids, go check them out in my TPT store. Above all else, just remember to:

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