Sunday, February 7, 2016

SUPER Classroom Idea

There is a SUPER game that involves my Denver Broncos, so I was blessed enough to be a part of this SUPER giveaway with some incredible teachers! One thing we discussed was sharing a SUPER classroom idea. I love reading different blogs from teachers with great ideas that I can take and incorporate in my classroom!

Here is my idea:

A few years ago I switched from desks to tables. Best decision I have ever made. Organization has been so much easier for my second graders! However, the tables were that lovely brown color and some of the browns didn't match, which drove me CRAZY! This what I am talking about:

I really thought about chalkboarding the tables but to be honest, I cannot stand the feeling of chalk. Then I saw on Pinterest (surprise, surprise) a gal that used dry erase paint on a wall. I thought, well if it works on a wall why wouldn't it work on a table? I bought all the necessary equipment (dry erase paint, primer, tray, foam rollers which are a must, and some duct tape all from Lowes). I also recruited my four year old and hubby to help me. :)

 My goal was to be able to have my students write on the tables and be able to see everything they write. They could still write on the brown but at times, it was hard to see. The white color also made things look nice and clean. I love that! I also wanted to take small groups and save on some paper by having them write on the table. We work and clean-up is simple! No more papers galore!

Finished project:

 I love the way these turned out and even though I did this at the beginning of the year, they are still holding up great!! This was a five day process. We primed and painted, then had to wait three days to be able to write on them. Well worth the wait. It has saved me on many paper copies and it's a quick and easy informal assessment tool. I love just having my students write down answers and take a quick assessment of who is getting it and who is not. It has really made my life a bit easier and the kids love writing on the tables!

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Now it's time to go checkout some more SUPER classroom ideas! Follow this link to head on over to the next teacher! 

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  1. I LOVE the idea of dry erase tables and I'm sure that your students do as well! I'll be adding this to my list of things to try for my classroom!

    Mrs O Knows

  2. Love! Love the idea of the white board paint! Thanks for an amazing tutorial!

  3. Super idea! We always just write on the tables as they are but it's not always easy to see and the custodians aren't always happy with me.

  4. I need some white board paint! Great ideas!