About The Teacher

Hi! My name is Krista. I am in my ninth year of teaching second grade! I am a Colorado native and absolutely love living here. I am also a die hard Denver Broncos fan!

I have taught second grade for nine years in Colorado. I teach at a wonderful public school. I am a strong believer in movement, fun, and making memories while learning. When you walk into my classroom you are going to be bombarded by bright colors, zebra patterns, and kiddos having a great time learning. I do a ton of group work and differentiation in my work day.

When I finish my work day, I love spending time with my husband, Kade and my two year old son, Champ (I told you I am a die hard Broncos fan! ha ha). My husband and I have been married for ten years! We met during college; he played football and I played volleyball. It was an athletic match made in heaven.

I hope that you will follow me and enjoy reading my teaching/every day antics!

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